Rob’s love for motorcycles began at the age of eighteen with his first bike, a 1986 Honda Shadow. He didn’t know how to ride but he was determined to learn, it of course didn’t make his Mom too happy. During breaks while working at his Dad’s gas station and garage in Yonkers, NY, Rob would push his Honda Shadow into their small parking lot and walk it with the clutch out until he was confident enough to put his feet up and start riding. Experiencing a profound sense of freedom, Rob’s love affair with motorcycles was born.

A few years later Rob arrived in Ocala,Florida with his second bike, a 1988 Honda Hawk GT. Soon after, Rob’s parents helped him purchase his first Harley Davidson, a 1981 FLT. He followed that with a 1979 Harley Davidson FXE, a 1998 FXDWG and then a 1999 FLSTF which he is still riding today, 18 years later.

While Rob was working as a bouncer at a nightclub he met Bobby Gibson. Bobby was opening Gibson Customs and offered Rob the opportunity to work his counter where Rob began gaining experience and absorbing as much information as he could while learning along the way. Rob began memorizing different model designations and pouring over parts catalogs like the J&P catalog. In Robs head, he was building his dream bike, a Harley Davidson Fatboy. A few years later Rob was again offered another great opportunity to work with Mike Whitaker when he was opening American Custom Cycle. It was here that Rob took his hands on education to the next level. Two great men and friends, Rob was able to learn a lot from.

In 2000 the first of Rob’s dreams became a reality, Rob purchased a 1999 Fatboy. That bike has been through many face-lifts. Rob is proud to own it and it’s his for life.

In 2004, Rob began working at Gainesville Harley Davidson where he continually took advantage of all the education available and in the coming years built a solid reputation in the local Ocala, Florida motorcycle community. In 2017 Rob knew he was ready for his second dream to come to life and he opened Brick City V-Twin. Brick City V-Twin is a return to motorcycle repair shops of old, where getting dirty in the garage is part of the joy and a man’s word is his bond. Rob has created a shop designed to offer his community honest and reliable work at a fair price. Rob knows he’s a lucky guy to work with customers who become friends, to be part of building someone’s dream bike and to make a living everyday doing what he loves. Stop by, even to say hi, the door is open.

Travis Leslie

Travis Leslie
Service Manager, P.H.D. Certified Expert Technician

Travis was born in St. Louis Missouri and moved to Florida in 2009. From a young age, Travis knew he loved motorcycles, racing, and cars. He particularly loved loud, powerful two wheels. Harley Davidson motorcycles were a natural fit. Travis had never ridden a “cruiser” bike before when purchasing his first Harley at twenty years of age but knew he would love it without even a test ride. He has been in love with Harleys ever since.

Travis is a proud father! When he found out a child was on the way he sold everything and eliminated future care and bike payments. Upon hearing that Travis no longer had a bike a long term customer gave him $10,000 to buy another Harley! Travis felt extremely blessed and thankful and took it as another sign that he was in the right place doing the right thing.
Travis has spent over ten years working at Harley Davidson dealerships and learning from their experienced technicians. Travis attended MMI Institute in Orlando, Florida, and is a Master Level technician.

Travis’s passion has led him to meet interesting and great people that he is glad to call his customers and friends. He brings his years of experience, knowledge, and skill to Brick City V-Twin.

“I’m happy to become a part of the Brick City V-Twin Team and look forward to meeting the customers as well as introducing my existing customers to the shop. I come to work every day ready to treat my customer’s bike better than my own.”
– Travis Leslie


Jeff Ladd

Jeff Ladd has lived in Ocala, FL for most of his life. At the age of eight, he had his first dirt bike experience and moved up to bigger bikes from there. His passion for riding continued to grow and led to him becoming a mechanic. HIs many years of riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers, the purchase of his first project car (a 1983 Ford Mustang), and his years as a street racer set Jeff on the path of performing his own maintenance. His love of engines only continues to grow.

Jeff has worked at numerous shops and dealerships in the Ocala area and brings his expertise as a Certified Master Yamaha Technician and a Certified Harley Davidson Technician to Brick City V-Twin. In addition to riding Jeff also enjoys mountain biking and sky diving.

“I’m really happy to be part of the Brick City V-Twin team! I take my time and do the best quality work possible because that’s what I would expect taking anything I own to a shop to be fixed. Ask me why my nickname is “The Grandmaster”.
– Jeff Ladd


Shaun Shepherd
Service Writer

Shaun was born in Hamilton, Ohio and moved to Florida in 1993. By the age of 12, he was helping his father with a full rebuild of his Heritage Softail, and hearing stories of the custom Panhead and Shovelhead his dad had owned. This father and son project ignited a passion that has lasted a lifetime.

Joining the army at the age of 19 Shaun spent the next 15 years traveling the world. He was finally able to buy his first Harley Davidson in 2014 and has since owned five. On those five motorcycles, he has ridden over a quarter of a million miles.

When Shaun left the military, he had a whole world of options before him on what to do next. He chose to attend school and become a factory-certified Harley Davidson technician. This allowed him to do what he loved and get paid for it. Shaun spent several years working directly for Harley Davidson and learning everything he could from guys with decades of experience. Shaun came to work for Brick City V Twin when he felt he had learned all he could from the dealership.

“Brick City V-Twin feels like home. It’s a group of guys who love motorcycles, who live motorcycles, and with our team, we can build or repair any motorcycle. This is truly a dream come true.”
– Shaun Shepherd

Greg Northrup

Greg Northrup


Keaton Austin


Levi Linderman


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“Today I had my front and rear tires changed to Dunlop American Elites. I talked to 3 other shops to view their shop, their mechanics and to get a price. Walking in and talking to Rob and to Mark, made me forget the other places and Rob and I worked out a deal. Mark did a great job and let me know by showing things to me such as my brake pads and so on….not that I needed any more work but just the condition of my pads and bearings….it is refreshing to have work done where they don't search for more work to do, but honestly inform you of your situation. Mark did the work in an effective and efficient manner and was very careful how he worked around my cycle….I was impressed. Rob is very knowledgeable about anything you may need done and will work with you to make it happen…..I highly recommend them for parts and service and anything else you need. !”




“As a lady rider you can occasionally find yourself wondering if a mechanic is just trying to make a commission rather than truly giving your bike the service it needs... another great reason to go to a shop like Rob Lebowitz's Brick City V Twin... honesty and integrity! Rob has looked out for me over the years when others would have taken advantage! I've been riding for over 32 years and I'm grateful to have known Rob the last decade. Takes the worry of getting ripped off out of the equation! I recommend to all of my friends and especially my female riding friends!”



“I've watched my husband from the time we started dating take his bikes to the shop for service or a problem & if Rob wasn't there we'd go back another day. So when I wanted to surprise my husband with a gift for his bike I went to Rob & he made it happen. Making any change to someone's bike is a difficult task it's a personal thing but we still love our front wheel that Rob helped me pick out.”



“Rob has worked on our 2 bikes at Warhorse HD and has ALWAYS been a awesome man of his word and in this world your word is your life...and that goes far for me. His workmen ship standards are far above the rest...I can't wait for the new shop to open ..thanks!”

David and Brenda., HARLEY DAVIDSON 2014 FLHXS & 2010 FLHXXX


“I have lived in Ocala area since 2000 and bought my second HD from the dealer Rob worked at because of his reputation. Rob is one of the most caring service people I've ever met in my life. I used to write for Dixie Biker, Rider Now and Scooter Goods magazines and whenever I ever needed anything I'd call Rob and he'd be right there to help me. I'm proud to say that I will take all our bikes to Rob from this day forward since he's opened his own shop he's been good to us and I will be true friend to him. Highly endorsed.”



“Every experience I've ever had with Ponytail Rob has been positive. He has gone above and beyond to make sure my bike was serviced, repaired and modified. He's also made sure that I was satisfied with the work being performed. I highly recommend him and I'll be bringing my 06 FXSTI to him.”



“My brakes on my street glide felt spongy and I was going out of town but had a big ride upon return. Rob not only arranged to pick up my bike but also noticed I had a nail in my tire and had it all fixed and returned for to my garage in time for my return and my ride. Great service! ”



“Rob and I built a winning motorcycle for me. Rob ordered all the right parts that worked well together and took care of the bike as though it was his own. It took second place in the Rats Hole and first place on Boardwalk. Want it done right call Rob.”

Dawn., HARLEY DAVIDSON 2010 FLHTCU Ultra Classic


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